HOWTO: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Teams is one of the many applications available with Microsoft Office 365.   Teams provides a centralized collaboration space where a team can work together more effectively. Teams is an ideal collaboration tool to use to:

  • Manage small projects and initiatives
  • Share and collaborate within your department
  • Host video conference calls with screen sharing

Within a single workspace, team members can:

  • Communicate through chat, conversations, calls, and video
  • Create, share and edit files
  • Edit documents, spread sheets and presentations
  • Share and work together on group notes
  • View your calendar and meetings


Microsoft Teams Help Center

Searchable online website that contains videos and support articles


Video (1 min)

Brief Overview of Teams


 What is Teams

How to Request a New Team


Users requesting a Microsoft Team need to complete the Microsoft Office/Office 365 Requests catalog item under the Collaboration and Productivity heading.

To complete the form, users should follow these steps:


1.            Go to

2.            Select Make A Request

3.            Under Collaboration and Productivity, select Microsoft Office/Office 365 Requests

4.            Click on Collaboration Resource, then Team. Complete the form and press Order Now

Getting Started Tipsheet

This tipsheet provides helpful information to help you get started with Teams


 Getting Started with Microsoft Teams


Getting Started Checklist

This checklist can help you explore all the features of Teams

 Getting Started Checklist



Can I add users outside of the organization added to my Team?

Yes,  While there are some limitations, guests from other organizations may be invited to Teams.


Can I chat with others who may not be in my Team or is not using Teams?

Yes, Teams is integrated with Skype for Business chat.


What's the best way to get notifications sent to my Inbox?

You will email to your Inbox whenever you are @mentioned or if you "Follow" a channel. You can change your notification settings under Account.


How do I access a team that's open to the public?

Click the Join button and you get instant access to the Team.