HOWTO: Map a Network Drive in Windows 7


  •  Instructions how to map a Network Drive in Windows 7


  • Platform: Windows
  • OS Version: 7
  • Keywords: Network Drive, Mount, Map, Share, dfa, sfa, rfa

You must know the network path to the drive in which you are attempting to connect. For Example: \\\TEST$ or \\\MCL-TEST

Home Drive:  \\\homedir$ or \\\homedir-[first letter of username]$ (i.e. homedir-j)

SFAs: \\cifs2\sfaname$ - \\\sfaname$ - \\peccifs2\sfaname$ - \\\sfaname$

Visit this link to look up other drive paths. Login using your Partners username and password.


1. Click on the start button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and then click Computer.

2. Click on "Map network drive" located in the top toolbar

3. Click on the Drop down menu for "Drive:" and choose any letter.

4. Type in the network path for the network drive into the "Folder:" text field:

  • Home Drive - \\\homedir$
  • SFAs: \\cifs2\sfaname$ - \\\sfaname$ - \\peccifs2\sfaname$ - \\\sfaname$

5. Type in your Partners Username and password, but make sure to type partners\ before your username like shown in the below image.

6. The network drive will appear under the "Network Location" section under "Computer".