HOWTO: Open a Send Secure Email

Partners HealthCare provides a secure email service for confidential messages using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES). A secure or encrypted message from a sender at Partners HealthCare has the words ‘send secure’ in the subject line. The first time you get one you need to take a few minutes to set up a CRES account. Use the password you create to open future messages.

To register and activate your CRES account:

1. Open the email message with ‘send secure’ in the subject line. There will be an attached file, securedoc.html.

2. Download or click on the file securedoc.html. A CRES screen opens in a new window. Do not close this. You will go back to it after you set up your account

3. Click Register. The New User Registration screen opens in a new window.

4. Fill out all fields in the 3 sections: Enter Personal Information; Create a Password, and Select 3 Security Questions. When done, click Register.

5. You are now registered. A confirmation screen comes up with the next step to activate your account. Close this window.

6. Go back to your mailbox. You will get a new message from ‘CRES Do Not Reply’. Open this message to continue activation.

7. To complete registration and accept the Terms of Service, click on ‘Click here to activate this account

8. Once activated, a confirmation message opens in a new window. Close this window.

9. Return to the CRES Registered Envelope (window opened in step 2). Enter your password and click OPEN

10. A message from Partners displays. For future emails, just use your new password


If you need additional Information or assistance:

Send Secure Help