HOWTO: Install Trend Micro Security for Windows Computers


  • Instructions for installing Trend Micro Security antivirus Software which provides virus, malware, spyware protection for Windows.  


    • Non- Partners Windows 7 or greater
    • Please remove any existing antivirus programs (except Windows Defender) from the computer before installing Trend as it this will cause the installation to fail. Windows Defender will be automatically disabled by Trend.

Items to Note:

  • The Trend AV client works remotely but it will not be able to communicate with our internal Trend server. 
  • The Trend AV client will get virus definition updates when remote however the computer needs to be connected to the Partners network to get application updates.


Instructions for installing Trend Micro Security Software which provides virus, malware, spyware protection.

You must be connected to the Partners Network to download, install and setup Trend Micro Security Software.


    1. Visit this internal website to download the software
    2. Click on the software package you need to install 32-bit or
    3. After the download completes.
    4. execute the MSI package.
    5. Click Start.
    6. Click Next to install the OfficeScan agent.