Choosing a Computational Resource

Begin by reviewing the Computational Resources service overview page which describes typical uses of the different compute platforms offered by ERIS.

Determine the appropriate service

ERISOne Cluster hosts a variety of scientific applications to facilitate data analysis.  The ERISOne Cluster caters to large scale batch-processing in a Linux operating system environment.  Our virtual desktop services allow interactive data analysis on powerful remote workstations.  This can be either on powerful stand-alone Microsoft Windows servers Linux workstations attached to the ERISOne Cluster. 

Some software packages may only be available on either Windows or Linux so that may determine the platform to use, however most common tools are available on both. The ERISOne Linux Cluster environment includes much more compute resources and storage, for more than 1TB of data or more than 10-12 simultaneous CPU threads choose the cluster environment.  ERISOne includes cluster attached storage for both high-speed data analysis and long term archive.  For users of the Windows Servers we recommend RFA storage, beyond the free quota.

Connecting to ERISOne Services



Contact Scientific Computing Support

Contact us to discuss selecting the most appropriate compute resource and for projects that may have custom requirements.