HOWTO: Request Access to Jabber

Note: iPhone and Android users MUST have MobileIron installed on their devices


To request access to Jabber, please contact the Service Desk and include the following information:

1. Device Type:

  • Mass General Brigham device
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • Mac
  • non-Mass General Brigham Windows 

2. Desk Phone Number

If you do not have a desk number assigned to you, please include your cost center if available. Telecom will need to assign a phone number and a cost center number will be needed for that.

If you are working on a Jabber request on behalf of your department or team, please:

  • Organize the data for multiple orders into a spreadsheet to order in bulk


Requests: for Jabber access should be escalated to the telecom - mgh or telecom - bwh group

  • MGH, CDH, NSMC, PHC, PUC, SRH, and WDH should be placed in the telecom - mgh assignment group.
  • BWH, BWFH, NWH, and PCPO should be placed in the telecom - bwh assignment group.

    • Note: DFCI is on a separate telecommunications system and not available for Jabber.

    • Note: McLean is not fully integrated with Mass General Brigham telecommunications systems yet. As such, Jabber is not widely offered and requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and should be placed in the telecom - mgh assignment group.





Go to KB0014505 in the IS Service Desk