HOWTO: Connect to a Network drives or SFA when using SAS on Citrix


  • Instructions how to connect to a network drive when using SAS on Citrix. Using a network drive will provide better using data with the SAS application and is the recommended workflow.


  • Using SAS on Citrix.
  • Access to a network drive.
  • Your files hosted/located on a network share/drive


  1. Once the SAS on Citrix application is open.
  2. Click on the File menu and select Open Program



2. Then navigate to your home drive H:\ drive or any of your SFA’s or network drives

3. If you need to go access a network drive that is not already mapped, you type the location like \\\sharename that you want to access, then click the Open button.

4. This will then bring you to that location or network share.

5. Select the SAS file(s) you wish to open or use.


Note: If you are using scripts, please make sure that you are not trying to go back to your local computers drive(s).  Only use Network drive location(s) for your scripts e.g.


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