REDCap Patient & Provider Study Participation


The primary/specialist health care provider, usually a physician, who is known to the potential subject and has first hand knowledge of the patient's medical history must (1) give approval for his/her patient to be contacted for research purposes, (2) initially introduce the study to the patient AND (3) obtain the patient's permission to be contacted by study staff.

  • There is no simple solution in Epic to track agreements from providers about recruiting their patients for research
  • A REDCap enhancement makes this possible

The REDCap Study Participant Review feature allows study teams (with IRB Approval) to import a list of potential research study participants into REDCap. REDCap services (API) will programmatically retrieve information from RPDR and EPIC (QueryCPM) to match patients to primary care providers. Using REDCap's survey feature, study teams can then email primary care providers a link to a web-page that displays a list of patients. Providers can review and give approval for the entire list or specify only certain patients to be contacted for research purposes. All approvals are tracked in the REDCap project.

The REDCap Study Participant Review feature can be enabled at the REDCap project level by REDCap Administrators. Contact to request this feature. IRB Approval is required, please see submission language below.

IRB Protocol Submission Language
For this study, we (study staff) will implement the Partners HealthCare REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) Patient & Provider Study Participation tool. This tool will manage our list of potential study participants and match patients to their primary care provider. The primary care providers will receive an email notification with a link to a REDCap-based interface displaying only their patients for review. The provider will be able to indicate approval for his/her patients to be contacted for the research study and that they agree to have a signed letter sent on their behalf by study staff. A draft of the letter introducing the study will be included as part of the tool's interface. All responses and data will be stored in REDCap, an established secure, web-based application designed to support data capture for research studies.

IRB Recruitment of Research Subjects PDF (from Research Navigator)




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