MATLAB License Server Upgrade

The Scientific Computation team is pleased to announce that as part of ongoing improvements to service, the MATLAB license server has been upgraded to 64bit.  

ERISOne has used the duo-license file method to avoid any inconvenience.  If you wish to use the current version of MATLAB, you need to save the new license file (network2.lic) in the licenses folder under the root folder where MATLAB is installed. 

Examples: (your system will be similar but not necessarily identical)

For users who installed MATLAB in Mac: save network2.lic in:

For users who installed MATLAB in Windows:  save network2.lic in:
F:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\licenses

If you are having trouble, please refer to the following FAQ:

  1. Your current MATLAB (regardless of version) will work as well after adding the new license file (network2.lic). The upgrade is optional.
  2. If you'd like to use MATLAB R2013a, you need the new license server. Please e-mail for the install package.
  3. If MATLAB will not start on your device, stating that MATLAB cannot find a proper license, then you may need to re-activate your MATLAB license. For instructions, please visit:

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