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Mobile Data Collection Tool

Stencil, a new mobile platform for REDCap survey collection

Stencil is a platform that leverages the power of REDCap to enable remote data collection, using a secure smartphone app.


Stencil is a mobile data collection tool built by the Partners Connected Health Innovation (PCHI), now Pivot Labs, team working in collaboration with the ERIS REDCap team. With Stencil, surveys created on REDCap can be quickly converted into a smartphone app. 


Primarily intended for use in IRB-approved research studies, project administrators can customize project information, survey instruments, notifications and the app icon per their needs. Participants will receive app reminders when it's time to complete a survey and their responses will be recorded directly into the REDCap database using a secure communication channel. 


Stencil works with iOS and Android phone and is approved by the Partners Research Information and Security Office (RISO).

Key Features

  • iOS and Android phone compatible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offline data collection 
  • Create surveys directly in REDCap
  • Control timing and frequency of survey notifications and reminders
  • Support for most common survey question types and branching logic
  • Ability to request and receive development support for new features 
  • Technical support from PCHI
  • Later versions of Stencil will have new data capture capabilities based on Partners users’ needs

Key Benefits

  • Fast app deployment - weeks instead of months, if creating a custom app
  • iOS and Android compatible 
  • Secure, user-friendly remote data collection tool 
  • Pre-approved for use by Partners RISO, enabling rapid deployment   
  • Seamless and secure integration with REDCap database
  • EMH FHIR services integration
  • Reduce time and costs associated with paper-based survey administration and data entry
  • Survey reminders minimize problems with incomplete data and recall errors
  • Use REDCap reports and data export tools to monitor data completion and accelerate analysis 

Stencil is currently in beta phase testing and is scheduled to be ready for deployment in Summer 2019.

Contact Information

To learn more about Stencil, please contact REDCap Support at: