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Mobile Data Collection Tool

Responsy, a new mobile platform for survey collection

Partners HealthCare Responsy is a secure mobile application for improving the collection of responses from research participants.


Partners HealthCare Responsy

A secure application that allows you to enter responses to survey questions intitiated by a Partners HealthCare research affiliate.


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If you are a participant in a research or health project that uses Responsy:

  1. Download and open Responsy from your iOS or Andriod App store
  2. Enter the Project Code, User ID and PIN provided by the project team  
  3. Enable notifications to receive alerts when surveys should be completed

       4. Receive notifcations and reminders when it's time to complete a survey. Be "Responsy!" and respond to survey questions.


Contact Information

Partners HealthCare Responsy is a mobile application supported by the Partners HealthCare Research Information Science & Computing (RISC) Research Applications team. To learn more, please contact: 


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