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Mobile Data Collection Tool

Responsy, a new mobile platform for REDCap survey collection

Responsy is a platform that leverages the power of REDCap to enable remote data collection, using a secure smartphone app.



Responsy is a mobile data collection tool supported by the Partners HealthCare Research Information Science & Computing (RISC) Research Applications team. With Responsy, participants can enter data directly into a mobile app. 


Primarily intended for use in IRB-approved research studies, project administrators can customize project information, survey instruments, notifications and the app icon per their needs. Participants will receive app reminders when it's time to complete a survey and their responses will be recorded directly into the REDCap database using a secure communication channel. 


Responsy works with iOS and Android phone and is approved by the Partners Research Information and Security Office (RISO).

Key Features

  • iOS and Android phone compatible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offline data collection 
  • Create surveys directly in REDCap
  • Control timing and frequency of survey notifications and reminders
  • Support for most common survey question types and branching logic
  • Ability to request and receive development support for new features 
  • Technical support from PCHI
  • Later versions of Stencil will have new data capture capabilities based on Partners users’ needs

Key Benefits

  • Fast app deployment - weeks instead of months, if creating a custom app
  • iOS and Android compatible 
  • Secure, user-friendly remote data collection tool 
  • Pre-approved for use by Partners RISO, enabling rapid deployment   
  • Seamless and secure integration with REDCap database
  • EMH FHIR services integration
  • Reduce time and costs associated with paper-based survey administration and data entry
  • Survey reminders minimize problems with incomplete data and recall errors
  • Use REDCap reports and data export tools to monitor data completion and accelerate analysis 

Responsy is scheduled to be live and ready to use during Q1-2020.

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Contact Information

To learn more about Responsy, please contact REDCap Support at: