BWH SPL Email Migration

BWH SPL Email Account Migration to Partners Exchange Email 


Migrate email services currently hosted by the SPL to Partners IS, using the Exchange email service. SPL users will continue to be able to send and receive email sent to their SPL addresses during and after the migration.


When SPL introduced email services more than 15 years ago, we had many then-advanced features over the clinical BWH/BICS and then Partners systems – email attachments, desktop clients, Mac, UNIX and PC support, etc.  The enterprise systems are catching up and email is less of a differentiating factor for the SPL.  Additionaly, since email has become a business critical tool requiring 24x7 support, it is in the best interest of the SPL Research Community to migrate to Partners Exchange servers.


  • 24x7 support
  • Collaboration: Integrated Email, Contacts, and Calendars with other Partners users.
  • For Partners/BWH faculty and staff: free Office (outlook) downloads for Mac and PC platforms.
  • Support for iPhones, iPads, and certain Smart phones and tablet PCs (email is pushed to these devices)
  • Easily search people in the Partners Global Address List (GAL), looking up email addresses.
  • Improved web interface with access to personal address book (
  • One account to check: / (one account with aliased addresses).
  • Ability to configure "out of office messages" and "delegates" via a web browser or a supported email client (Outlook (mac/windows) and Apple Mail 10.8 or above) 

Migration Date:

 The migration is scheduled for the night of Monday June 8th, 2015

Phase One, communication and associating accounts:

  • Introduction (email previously sent--changes to SPL email hosting--Nov 2014)
  • Gather user information to match SPL users with Partners accounts (current)

Phase Two, migration:

  • Create aliases for Exchange accounts
  • Redirect SPL email to Exchange accounts
  • Cut over DNS records to Exchange
  • Current SPL mail server left in read-only mode for access to saved mail--these mails should be copied to the new exchange account, saved elsewhere or deleted

Phase Three:

  • Disable access to SPL email (Deadline has not been set. Users will be notified at least 30 days in advance.)
  • Migration complete