MGH Research Computer Upgrade Project

Project Overview:

There is a new technology project at MGH to bring legacy computers up to current MGH standards.  MGH will be replacing or upgrading legacy Windows and Macintosh computers. The data gathered during the physical inventory performed in August 2014 will serve as the starting point for this project.  

The project ended September 30th, 2015. Please contact the Partners Service Desk 617-726-5085 for any support questions.

Project Presentation Given on 12-10-14 

Project Sponsors:

  • MGH Research Management
  • MGH Research IT Administrators
  • MGH IS
  • Partners IS
  • Enterprise Research Infrastructure and Services
  • Information Security
  • MGH Research Space Management

Business and Technology Drivers:

Operating System (OS) Security

  • Replace of older unsupported and unsecure OS’s

Data Security

  • Ensure computers are encrypted
  • Offer data storage and backup

Risk Mitigation 

  • Provide current virus and malware protection

Ongoing Computer Support and Maintenance

  • Address OS Security via patch process notification
  • Provide Remote computer support via Teamviewer
  • Provide access to software self service distribution 


Step 1: Initial contact with lab or department contact
Step 2: Consultation meeting and design work plan
Step 3: Schedule plan start
Step 4: Perform the upgrade work
Step 5: Dispose of replaced computers
Step 6: Deliver status and reporting 

Hardware Replacement and Variance Process:

  • See questions 9 to 15 on the FAQ page

For more information please email us at: