MGH CHGR Data and Email Migration

***Action Required***
By Faculty and Members of CHGR

To assure that your archived emails and files are not lost during an upcoming data migration. 
Please carefully read this message, visit the expandable sections below to the email migration, data migration, or desktop support sections as appropriate, and reply with the requisite information to Dorianne Griffin as soon as possible as data migration is ready to take place and unclaimed files and emails will be lost.

A solution for our migration away from Mol Bio Computing support has been reached based upon a sub-committee of CHGR faculty input. A summary of the changes to occur is below along with links to websites, which contain required information to solve the existing problems:

Email Migration

Molecular Biology will no longer support CHGR email accounts on Amber or Daedalus servers (emails ending with To migrate emails to your partners email account, click the Email Migration section and provide answers to ALL 4 QUESTIONS. If you have already made arrangements for your CHGR email and do not need to migrate emails to your Partners email account, please notify Dorianne so that we can accurately track migration progress.

Data Migration (File Servers)

BEANFARM and servers, previously managed by Molecular Biology, have been rendered defunct. They are not backed up and data will not be maintained on those servers any longer. In order to have your data migrated to a Partners server, please click the Data Migration section and provide answers to ALL 5 QUESTIONS for each BEANFARM or PNGU account that belongs to you (e.g. personal account) or that you are responsible for (e.g. account used by several lab members). For shared accounts, please coordinate with other account users and have only one person provide answers to the questions.

Desktop Support and Help Tickets

Research Computing has hired a new member, Kevin Godin, who was introduced at noon seminar on 2/4/15. He will serve our role as the dedicated CHGR computer help person. Kevin will be physically located at least part of the time within the CHGR, allowing us to get to know him and to help with issues that arise on site. All help tickets should be sent to and the subject line must include CHGR. Click the Desktop Support section for more information.

Thank you,
The CHGR Faculty Computing Task Force
Griffin, Haggarty, Petryshen, Mull, Soukas, Talkowski