Submitting Windows Batch Jobs

A quick example about how to submit a batch job to Windows cluster RCWINCLU

Intro: Please read "Access windows cluster rcwinclu" before proceed.

1> Please download the C# source code and recompile it with Visual Studio 2008 (If you do not have the software, you can download the trial or expression version from Microsoft website). (Note: $PARTNERSID refers to your own Parners ID.

2> From your client machine (or from hpcwin) , click "Start" --> "All Programs" --> "Microsoft HPC Pack" --> "HPC Job Manager". This will start the cluster client utility. The first time it will pop up a window and ask for head node location, type rcwinclu.partners.org .

here is the GUI for "HPC Job Manager"

3> At the right top corner of the job manager, click "New Job" in the section "Actions"; a "New Job" window will prompt up; click the "Job Details" on the left panel; fill in the fields of "Job Name" and "Project Name".

Here is the GUI for "New Job"

4> Click "Task List" on the left panel, fill in the following fields:
  a. TaskName --> MyTestTask
  b. CommandLine --> "\\rcwinclu\$PARTNERSID\Hello.exe"
  c. Working Directory --> "\\rcwinlu\$PARTNERSID
  c. Standard Output --> "std.out" (this file will contain standard output)
  d. Standard Error --> "std.err" (this file will contain error messages if job fails)

Here is the GUI for "Task List" ( note: the "testy" is a testing Partners account, you have to change it to your real Partners Account )

5> Click "Save", you will see the summary of the job configuration, then click "Save the Job as..." . Then it will save the configuration into a xml configuration file, you can always reload it back to the GUI and submit it later quickly without filling all these configuration fields again.

here is the GUI for configuration summary

6> Click "Submit", you will see the job being submitted.

here is the GUI when job is running

7> When job finishes, Click "Finished" in your job list, highlight the job that you just submitted. You will be able to see the detail logs in the GUI. Then you can also check the output from std.out in your home directory. If your job fails, please check std.err for more information.



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